Thursday, September 19, 2013

A Fair trade on helicopters (letter)

Letter to the Editor

Updated: 09/19/2013 04:14:00 PM EDT

To those of you who complained about the noise from the helicopters giving fairgoers rides, my heart goes out to you. I would like to make you an offer. Next year, come and spend the 10 days of the fair at our house in the country. We have a spare room, and you will be free to come and go as your needs demand. There is only one caveat. Our house is in the flight path of the Thomasville Airport. The peace and quiet of the country is broken only by the planes, helicopters and a company jet or two, taking off, flying overhead, and landing, mornings, daytimes and, yes, even at night.

Then I must also mention that we live along Route 234, or as I call it, the East Berlin Speedway. Our home is at the intersection with Short Road, which is at the crest of a blind hill. People laugh when I tell them I have to come out of my driveway doing 65 miles and hour. The speed limit’s 45, but most do 55 or more. The tractor trailers prefer our road because there are no traffic circles and fewer traffic lights, so you have the sound of trucks accelerating to make the hill and the Jake brakes to reduce their speed. Then there’s that repaired spot in the road that causes a boomp when the trucks go over it. Weekends and holidays we have swarms of Harleys that pass in a never-ending flow.

You will enjoy the serenity of country life. You’re welcome to stay for free. There’s plenty of farmland surrounding us, and the neighbors are quiet and seem to be very friendly. So, next year when the fair comes to town give up the helicopter noise and come stay with us.



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