Friday, August 16, 2013

SpiceJet flight aborted as loader jumps out on runway

VASCO: A major tragedy was averted as the pilot of an Ahmedabad-bound SpiceJet flight made an emergency landing at Dabolim International Airport on noticing that the plane's cargo loading door was open.

It was later revealed that the door was open as a loader had jumped off the aircraft just before it took off from Dabolim airport on Friday evening.

At about 4:30pm, SG 138, Goa-Ahmedabad via Mumbai, took off from Dabolim with 110 passengers including, ten sarpanchas from the state on board. Police said aircraft loaders closed the cargo chamber door leaving behind one of their colleague in the cargo chamber. When the plane started taxing for takeoff, the loader inside the cargo chamber opened the door and jumped from the aircraft.

Police said the pilot did not realize that the door of cargo chamber was open till the plane was well in the air. It was only when an indicator showed one of the doors as open, that the pilot immediately sought an emergency landing and the flight was allowed to land.

Central industrial security force (CISF) checked the aircraft and finding nothing the plane was allowed to takeoff from the airport at around 6.30pm.

CISF personnel traced the loader among some bushes where he was hiding after jumping from the aircraft. Police said investigations into the incident are on.

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