Friday, July 26, 2013

Probe continues: Military plane part crashes into backyard of San Antonio home


SAN ANTONIO -- The investigation continues into what caused a part of a military plane to break off and land in the backyard of a northwest-side home on Thursday. 

Military officials said the Boeing C-17 had undergone maintenance at Boeing's hangar in Port San Antonio and was on its way back to McChord Air Force Base in Washington State.

The part fell out of the sky and landed on Nate Martinez's barbecue grill just before noon Thursday.

"Was just a hard scraping sound, a loud thud," said Martinez.  Other witnesses said they heard a popping sound and saw the object falling.

Photos sent in to KENS 5 from viewer Robert Coultress-Rodriguez showed the large object in the back of a truck in the 6500 block of Spring Hurst Drive.  He initially told KENS 5's Joe Conger he was walking home and saw an object "clinking and clanking" in the sky.

"A piece seemed to have detached itself from the main object and began to freefall down," Coultress-Rodriguez said. "And as it hit, it made a loud thunderous roar of sorts and shut off power in the area. It was quite a sight to see, sir."

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