Friday, July 19, 2013

Learning to fly at Michigan Tech

One of the many options in the Summer Youth Program at Michigan Tech is learning about aviation and aerospace.

These students are learning all the basics they will need to start flying lessons and it includes an opportunity to fly an actual airplane.

It’s an experience that could have a lifetime affect.

Flight instructor Kevin Cadeau says, “For a lot of them, they’re teaching them even about the different careers that involved with aviation, so they got a big background of that if that may be something they want to pursue as a career or if they just want to do it for the pure enjoyment of it.”

11th–grader Paige Rios had never flown before but she’s interested in the Air Force.

The program has opened up a wide range of possibilities for her.

Rios says, “I hope that it gives me more insight and helps me decide if I want to go into aviation for my further career and I just want to have fun and know that if I do like this career that I’m going to enjoy it and just have fun and just enjoy my job.”

Weather permitting, these students will get their hand on the controls of the real thing tomorrow.

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