Thursday, July 04, 2013

Learjet Carrying Rescued Dogs to Land at Morristown Municipal Airport

Morristown Municipal Airport (KMMU), New Jersey

A Learjet is set to land on Sunday with some special passengers.

Dirk van de Sterre, who owns the airport property, business and private jet hangars, will be flying in 15-20 rescued dogs from Georgia to New Jersey for Home for Good Dog Rescue.

“We travel to southern states where we pull dogs and transport them to New Jersey where they will be adopted,” said Noel Briordy, Fundraising/Outreach Coordinator of this non-profit organization.

These 15-20  dogs are part of 100 that were pulled from a 5-day trip by Home for Good Dog Rescue.

“Last week, three of our Juniors volunteers spent a week in Georgia and South Carolina as their summer project. They left New Jersey on Tuesday, June 25 and worked non-stop for 5 days.  They visited shelters and fosters that we often work with in Georgia.  They have each picked a dog from a shelter, medicated and vaccinated it, will arrange for the dog to be transported to New Jersey, will arrange for their spay/neuter, place them in foster and finally getting them adopted.  There they have seen devastation that can not be described in words,” said Briordy. “We are so thankful that Dirk is donating his Learjet and Airport to help s bring our rescues home.”

She added that Home for Good Dog Recue is a 100 percent foster-based rescue, which means once the pups come to New Jersey, they are immediately placed in a Foster home and will never be in a shelter again.  Home for Good pays for medical costs, transport, food, beds, shelter and more.

“We are determined to give these dogs a forever home,” said Briordy.


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