Sunday, June 23, 2013

Sea-Tac Airport live music program showcases local artists: Seattle-Tacoma International (KSEA), Seattle, Washington


The airport isn’t the first place any of us go to relax, but a program at Sea-Tac is trying to make the experience at least somewhat enjoyable.

After a three week trial period, the airport is launching a full time live music program showcasing local artists. 

The program will continue at least through the rest of the year, and they hope beyond.

“What we’re trying to do is give travelers a real sense of place in the northwest, we want them to see what the northwest music is all about,” said Tami Kuiken, director of Sea-Tac’s music initiative.

It’s not only live local music at the airport, there’s also an all-local soundtrack pumped through the speakers. They even have artists such as Macklemore record airport announcements.

If you like the artists you heard in the story, you can hear more of them at and


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