Monday, June 10, 2013

Santo Domingo: Crop duster crashes, pilot in serious condition

Santo Domingo  - The pilot of a crop-dusting plane that crashed after striking a power line at Hatillo Palma, Montecristi (NW) is in serious condition, local media report.

Arnaldo Rojas, 42, of San Pedro crashed Saturday night while dusting crops aboard the plane registry H 1897, which resulted practically destroyed, and was snared in the power lines, cutting power to many communities.

The pilot, who works for a company in Mao which sprays plantations, has lacerations to his head and body.

Doctors at the clinic where he was taken in Santiago say Rojas is in serious but stable condition.

It’s the second crop duster to crash in the area in as many weeks, after another plane went down in nearby El Copey in late May.

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