Monday, June 24, 2013

Monroe County (KMNV), Madisonville, Tennessee: Will airport take wings for Monroe?

Published: 9:37 AM, 06/24/2013     
Last updated: 9:38 AM, 06/24/2013

Author: Michael Thomason

Source: The Monroe County Advocate


MADISONVILLE -  It ran quietly and efficiently for years, then Monroe County Airport Manager Larry Hamilton was charged with trying to shoot his nephew and the county found itself with an airport to run.

The county did not renew Hamilton's contract (though they've never given an official reason for that dismissal) and are now trying to figure out what to do with the facility that sits off Old Highway 68, just a couple of miles from Madisonville.

The county is running the airport, but that only goes until June 30 when a new fiscal year starts. Several companies recently put in bids to operate the airport, but an Airport Committee didn't like them, stating they were too vague.

"They don't really say what their financial situations are," said committee member Shan Harris. "They all say they're in good shape, but don't offer any details beyond that."

"If we need to run the airport for a while longer," County Mayor Tim Yates said, "we need to let the County Commission know how long it will be. Everything at the airport is in place and running well, so operating it isn't a problem."

See full story in the Sunday, June 23, edition of The Advocate & Democrat.
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