Tuesday, June 11, 2013

Icing problems send 787 Dreamliner back to Tokyo: JAL Japan Airlines Boeing 787-800, JA824J, Flight JL-35

A Japan Airlines Dreamliner bound for Singapore had to abort mid-air and turn around, going back to Tokyo’s Haneda airport. Boeing’s flagship plane reportedly experienced a glitch in its anti-icing system, prompting the pilot to decide to head back to the airport before encountering any major problem.

Seven minutes into the flight, the plane’s anti-icing system for the left engine showed a glitch, a spokesman for JAL said. When the glitch could not be fixed immediately, the pilot decided to turn around at around 1:30 AM since he was expecting clouds and elements that would have caused ice to form en route to Singapore. He was able to land the plane safely at the airport and all but two of the 155 passengers chose to take the replacement Dreamliner that JAL offered. It departed Haneda five hours later without any untoward incident. The spokesman also said that the glitch did not affect the battery system and they are still investigating what caused it in the first place.

This is just the latest in a series of minor problems that the Dreamliners have had with both Japan Airlines and All Nippon Airways ever since they came back from a four-month suspension due to battery problems. The two are the biggest operators of the 787s just recently put their full fleet back into service after the battery issues, but already they have had minor glitches, including problems with an air pressure sensor. Boeing still has not been able to determine the cause of the battery issues after months of investigation, but rolled out modifications to the battery system, prompting a lift of the world-wide grounding of the planes.

Source:  http://japandailypress.com

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