Thursday, June 13, 2013

Beech B200 Super King Air, G-SYGA: Serious Incident Occurred September 15, 2012 at Glasgow Airport, UK

Summary:  On approach to Glasgow Airport, the crew inadvertently activated the go-around mode as they approached a cleared altitude. The distraction of this, coupled with their lack of experience on this type of B200, caused a short breakdown in crew situational awareness and the aircraft descended below the cleared altitude.
Safety Actions:  As a result of this incident, the operator has introduced procedures to ensure that pilots who have not flown a mechanically instrumented aircraft within 90 days receive an expanded differences briefing from a training captain before flying the aircraft. The CAA has amended Section 4, Part H of CAP 804 to include guidance on differences training for pilots converting from EFIS to mechanical instruments.

Conclusions:  The incident followed a loss of situational awareness by the crew, caused by a combination of distraction and an unfamiliar cockpit layout.

Incident Report:

Incident Report (pdf):

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