Saturday, February 02, 2013

New Jersey State Police helicopter scours Chester Township woods after police break up underage drinking party

A New Jersey State Police Northstar Helicopter, the Morris County Sheriff’s Office K-9 unit, and police officers from multiple towns searched for teens who scattered into the woods after police broke up an underage drinking party on Parker Road in Chester Township Friday night, police confirmed Saturday morning. 

According to Chester Township Lt. Thomas Williver, the helicopter searched the area and the backup units were called “to ensure the safety of the partygoers due to the very cold temperatures and to make sure no one was injured in the woods.”

All of the teens who scattered from the home when police arrived were eventually located Friday night, either by patrols or by telephone, he said.

Charges are pending against the host of the party, he said.

In addition to Chester Township, county and state patrols, Washington Township, Mount Olive, and Chester Borough Police Departments all assisted in the search.

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