Wednesday, February 27, 2013

Buchanan Field Airport (KCCR), Concord, California: Reports of a plane crash turns out to be a false alarm

Concord Police are searching for a downed plane after several reports came in about a plane crash near Buchanan Field in Concord at about 3:30pm.

As of 3:37pm, no plane has been found.

A Concord Police Officer saw a plane that was having engine trouble, but they believe it landed safely at Buchanan Field. 

A witness says she saw a plane “sputted & tilt”, and then saw smoke. 

Another witness thought they also saw an aircraft go down.

The airport tower says they have no planes missing, and cannot see any smoke or debris from their location.

UPDATE, 3:49pm:   Nothing has been found. Authorities believe the plane ended up landing safely.  The smoke the witness saw is apparently coming from an asphalt plant in the area of the airport.

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