Wednesday, February 27, 2013

Davenport Municipal Airport (KDVN), Iowa

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Some headaches for QC travelers Tuesday. Numerous flights out of the Quad Cities Airport were canceled today and hundreds more in Chicago. 

So who makes the decision on cancellations?

The Davenport Airport Manager says it's up to airlines and private pilots to make the call. But there are extreme cases where airports just can't handle the weather.

It's not just the amount of snow they assess for potential flights, but also visibility and runway conditions.

"For this airport, we take it on a case by case basis," says Tom Vesalga, airport manager. "We'll look at it about an hour - hour and a half prior to the arrival or departure and clear what we have to clear."

The Davenport Airport Manager says on a day like today, they'll shut down the airport after the last flight early this evening. After that, they'll let the snow take its course and reassess the airport tomorrow morning.

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