Tuesday, January 22, 2013

Man continuously criticizes Naples Municipal Airport (KAPF), Florida

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COLLIER COUNTY - Complaints about the airplane noise in Naples are hitting the ears of Collier County commissioners again. But this time, there's a problem with who is criticizing the airport. 

 Out of 105 complaints for loud airport noise, 75 were made by one person. And that man doesn't even live in the fly zone and no one can seem to track him down.

Todd Erickson is the man who made those 75 complaints against the Naples Municipal Airport.

Erickson filed 17 noise complaints on December 7th alone - all within a little over an hour.

The confusing part is that his home is not within the airport's flight paths for its two intersecting runways.

We tried reaching out to Erickson Tuesday, but couldn't track him down.

It's the same problem airport officials are having since he won't return their calls or emails - preventing them from finding out more about the complaints.

"When we have somebody whose really upset, we like to talk to them and we can make them understand," said Ted Soliday, with the Naples Airport Authority.

"There are planes coming in, but 75 in a short period of time seems a little odd," said Naples resident Russ Dugan.

In the meantime, airport officials have blocked Erickson from making further complaints online. 

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