Friday, January 04, 2013

Lubbock Preston Smith International Airport (KLBB), Lubbock, Texas: Director says cuts to nation's airports won't fly

 Lubbock's aviation director said dire predictions of airports closing if automatic budget cuts are not averted just wont fly. The American Center for Progress includes Lubbock in a list of smaller commercial airports that are in potential danger of losing FAA air traffic control service.

 The list is based on the assumption that if congress does not stop deep federal cuts that are looming the FAA would likely give larger airports priority for limited resources.

Lubbock Aviation Director, James Loomis, does not put much store in the report or in speculation that smaller airports could close.

"There's no way that politically those people we elected are going to close the towers at 106 airports across the United States," Loomis said. "Those 106 cities the size of Lubbock, and a little bit larger to smaller, are all vital portions of the air transportation system."

Loomis added many small airports operate without FAA air traffic controllers.

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