Saturday, December 29, 2012

Sloulin Field International Airport (KISN), Williston, North Dakota: Things are getting better

Photo by David Rupkalvis/Williston Herald 
 A welcome sight 
 A United Airlines flight prepares to touch down at Sloulin Field International Airport. With the addition of United and Delta flying into and out of the airport, travelers have seen improvements.

With two new airlines flying into Sloulin Field International Airport, travelers have seen improvements in airline service flying in and out of Williston. 

According to Airport management, overall delay times have gone down with United Airlines and Delta Airlines providing service to Sloulin Field.

Steven Kjergaard, airport manager at Sloulin Field, said that the airport has not seen any delays over an hour since the new airlines started flight, which he said is an improvement over when Great Lakes was the only provider to the area.

But the arrival of United and Delta hasn’t been all positive for Sloulin Field.

As reported in a previous Williston Herald story, the number of passengers that pass through Sloulin Field has greatly increased, causing strains.

These increases have led to the airport terminal being crowded and the parking lot being well above capacity.

With airline traffic being about as he expected during the holiday season, Kjergaard said that vehicles were parked along 35th Street and Airport Road.

Kjergaard said almost every street around the airport had some cars parked on them.

In the previous Herald article, Kjergaard recommended that travelers carpool or get a friend to drive them to the airport.

“They didn’t heed my warning,” Kjergaard said.

Relief to Sloulin Field’s parking problems is right around the corner. The Williston City Commission approved a plan to contract with engineering firm Kadramas, Lee and Jackson, with the hopes of building more parking in the spring.

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