Friday, December 28, 2012

Doctor arrested after outburst at Southwest Florida International Airport (KRSW), Fort Myers, Florida

FORT MYERS - A 45-year-old Naples woman was arrested at the Southwest Florida International Airport after arguing with ticket agents and resisting arrest.

According to the Lee County Port Authority Police, an officer was dispatched the Spirit Airlines ticket counter just before 5:30 a.m. in reference to a disgruntled passenger.

The officer arrived to find a couple arguing with ticket agents at the counter. They were visibly upset and pointing fingers at the Spirit manager, Terri Thomas.

Thomas advised that she wanted the passengers removed from the area.

One of the disgruntled passengers, Alex Zampeiri, began to yell that he was being ripped off. He was advised several times to leave the area before he finally complied.

The other disgruntled passenger, Nana Mimura, began screaming and cursing at the agents. She was told to leave the area but refused.

"I think that's extreme; she lost her cool while she should have maintained it," said traveler Sinisa Brcinovic.

Police say she began taking photos and videos of the staff with her iPhone and continued swearing and yelling at the ticket agents.

She was eventually escorted away from the area but she began to jerk and pull away from officers. She continued to be uncooperative and ignore commands.

She was then placed under arrest for trespassing.

When she was put in handcuffs, she began to physically resist and pull away her hands.

She was eventually placed on the ground so the handcuffs could be put on.

Police note she later apologized and stated that she was upset with Spirit. She was charged with trespassing and resisting without violence. 

"If she was probably nicer to the workers here she might have gotten on the next flight instead of getting arrested," said Brcinovic.

Mimura spoke to an NBC2 reporter this morning and said she was upset after being told her flight back home to Detroit had been cancelled.

According to Mimura, she was told the flight had been canceled because a flight attendant had called out sick.

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