Friday, December 28, 2012

Pilot questions police procedure

ST. JOHN’S, Antigua – A veteran pilot who has flown individuals wanted by police from one country to another, has expressed astonishment that law enforcement officers here did not meet the SVG Air flight on the ramp, when two wanted men were brought from Montserrat to Antigua this week.

One of the two men escaped shortly after the aircraft landed and is yet to be located.

The pilot said he has done similar flights in multiple countries and in each instance, the receiving country had armed lawmen waiting on the airport ramp to collect the prisoners.

“I have done similar flights before, not only in and out of Antigua but to other islands and I (am) very surprised that the police did not have a vehicle on the ramp to meet the flight, with at least four armed policemen,” the source said.

On Sunday, two police officers from Montserrat brought the duo into the country and they were handcuffed before deplaning.

However, local police alleged the handcuffs were removed from Kenroy Marshall’s hands to allow him to sign an immigration document.

Marshall reportedly made a dash for freedom and has been on the run since. The second man captured and brought to Antigua was Kergus Martin Jr, who later escaped from the St John’s Police Station.

Neither of the men had been shackled as Montserrat police told OBSERVER Media they do not use shackles.

Superintendent Nuffield Burnette of the Royal Police Force of Antigua & Barbuda had earlier indicated to OBSVERER Media that lawmen did not see the need to post local officers on the ramp. He had also said there were about five officers waiting at the terminal.

Police have been condemned for the blunders. The two men on the run are known to the court and one of them is on bail on drug and robbery charges.

Marshall – a person of interest in the October double murder of Dermouth Riviere and Alwin “DJ Bullet” Robin – had eluded local police a week prior to when he was found in Montserrat and his subsequent escape from Montserratian Police at the airport here.

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