Monday, November 26, 2012

Stewart International Airport (KSWF), Newburgh, New York: US Senator Kirsten Gillibrand Gillibrand pushes for more airline service

TOWN OF NEW WINDSOR – US Senator Kirsten Gillibrand says despite the economy negatively impacting small airports, she continues to lobby for additional airline service at Stewart Airport near Newburgh.

Gillibrand said the issue of expanding service goes beyond just the Hudson Valley airport.

“I’ve met with a number of the carriers asking them to create more regional hubs throughout New York because we have a lot of smaller airports that could definitely use the low-cost providers to make sure our residents can travel to see grandparents, to see family on a more affordable basis and so getting more of those flights into Stewart would help more families,” Gillibrand told “I think it is a question of the economy. A lot of these smaller carriers can’t expand right now, but that doesn’t mean we’re not going to ask them and continue to plug for them to locate here.”

Stewart, which in the mid-1990s had many of the legacy carriers, is down to nine daily flights. The Port Authority, which runs the airport, continues a full court press on the airline industry to attract more service to Stewart.

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