Friday, November 30, 2012

South Tewksbury: Low flying aircraft reportedly circled the area twice before flying off


Did South Tewksbury get buzzed by a UFO on the night of Thursday, Nov. 29? 

 No cattle are missing, there are no reported abductions and no crop circles but there was certainly some odd activity in the skies.

Resident Tom DeVeau took video of what appears and sounds to be a jet aircraft of some type flying very low over his South Tewksbury neighborhood.

That, in itself, might not be so strange, but Deveau said the aircraft circled his neighborhood twice before flying off. The video he took was of the aircraft making its second pass.

Tewksbury Police had not heard about the incident. A spokesman for the FAA said they are looking at the DeVeau video and checking radar data and will try and come up with an answer for what type of aircraft it was and what it was doing.

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