Friday, September 07, 2012

The wild blue yonder still beckons at age 90

Rex Smuts, left, celebrated his 90th birthday by taking the Cessna 172 for a spin.  Hank Henry served as co-pilot.
 (Photo by Jerry Baker/HC)

When Houstonian Rex Smuts celebrated his 90th birthday recently, he wanted to do something special. 

 With the help of co-pilot Hank Henry, 87, Rex took a 50-minute spin in a Cessna 172.

Rex did the flying on this particular joy ride.

“But Hank kept me on the right path,” Rex said. “I was a little rough, but it just seemed natural.”

Rex, a retired swimming pool contractor,  was a pilot during World War II and the Korean War. He continued to fly in the ’70s before abandoning his favorite hobby.

I asked Rex if he plans to fly again when he turns 91.

“I may not wait that long,” he said.

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