Tuesday, September 18, 2012

Paine Field: Facts needed to make argument - Opinion - "Change will crowd out Boeing"


Regarding the Saturday guest commentary, "Change will crowd out Boeing" by Vicki Derks: Her argument focuses on the supposed effect on Boeing and the possibility they could decide to leave Paine Field as a result. In support of her argument, she offers the case of "Lansair" in Oregon and invites readers to "do the research."

I did the research and I'd like to offer the following information in response:

There appears to be no "Lansair" anywhere. There is, however, a Lancair International headquartered in Redmond, Ore. which is an avionics company that builds aircraft kits. In an attempt to produce models that would gain FAA certification, in 2000, a new division was formed which eventually became Columbia Aircraft. In 2003, Lancair was sold to a hobbyist and remains intact as Lancair International today (originally based at the Bend Municipal Airport).

In 2009, Lancair moved its headquarters to a building that was 50 percent larger at the Redmond airport, a mere 16 miles away. The Columbia Aircraft division was retained as a separate company, went bankrupt in 2007 and was sold to Cessna. During the early part of 2009, due to a horrible first quarter earnings report, Cessna decided to close operations at the Bend Municipal Airport and move production to Kansas, creating a loss of 150 jobs for the Bend area.

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Guest commentary / Commercial service at Paine Field 
Change will crowd out Boeing
By Vicki Derks


On Friday the FAA released the enviromental impact statement on Paine Field. It determined that adding up to 23 flights per day by 2018 would not significantly increase noise, traffic or air pollution. A decision by the FAA on whether flights may be approved at the Snohomish County-run airport is not expected until the end of the year. No new hearings will be held, but written comments will be accepted through Oct. 14.

It's important for people to fully appreciate the impact of modifying the airport from a General Avaition to Commercial Traffic will bring. This is not about noise or plane nuisance. This is about maintaining the pro-Boeing, pro-Education, and pro-manfacturing airport that is unique to our area and provides for the standard of living we enjoy.

FAA laws stipulate that commercial air traffic cannot be limited once allowed and always takes precedence. Study any airport where commercial service has been allowed and within a short time the 5-10 flights a day escalate to many times that. With limited access for runway testing, we place in jeopardy the very thing that has kept our lives and county afloat for generations. Car rental jobs, and minumum wage service jobs are not a replacement for the quailty of life and living that Boeing real wage jobs and its subcontracting businesses bring to this area. It is important to condsider the longer, big picture of the impact.

Read more here:   http://www.heraldnet.com/article/20120915/OPINION03/709159971

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