Friday, September 14, 2012

Coping with Post-Crash Anxiety From Air Races

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The 49th annual Reno Air Races are in full swing, bringing aviation fans from all over the world to the area. But after last year's tragic crash, this year's races also bring grief and anxiety for many people in the community. 

Local therapists say they have already seen cases of post-traumatic stress over the past few weeks. Dana Anderson, a marriage and family therapist in Reno, said recovering emotionally from something like that is a long road, and unfortunately our society doesn't always give people a lot of time to heal.

"We live in a culture that says 'Get up. Shake it off. Move on,'" Anderson said. "And so I think that's why some people are going out there [to the races]."

Anderson said for some people, experiencing the community element of the races could help them process their feelings and move forward. But for others, sights and sounds like the roar of the engine or the sound of the crowd could trigger emotional responses, even panic attacks.

And it's not just people who experienced the crash firsthand. She said it can be loved ones of the victims, or even people who just saw it on TV.

"I find it interesting that people are going back that went through it," Anderson said, "because I wouldn't recommend that within one year. I think that's a little too soon."

Anderson said if you go to the races and start to feel panicked, you should get out of the crowd and go to a place where you feel safe, like your car. Close your eyes and take deep breaths, until the feeling passes.

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