Monday, July 23, 2012

Microlight strikes power line during emergency landing in Fife

A pilot escaped unscathed after the engine of his microlight failed as he flew over north-east Fife. 

 As he made an emergency landing the aircraft struck power lines at Pilgrims Lodge, Lathones, near St Andrews.

The drama occurred around 2pm on Saturday shortly after take-off from nearby Kingsmuir Airfield. It is now being investigated by the Air Accident Investigation Branch.

A spokesman for Fife Police said: ''The microlight suffered engine failure and the pilot attempted an emergency landing.

''He was unable to avoid collision with high voltage power lines, causing the lines to come down, but he managed to land the aircraft without further problem.

''He was able to land completely uninjured.''

ScottishPower was called out to repair the damage and return power to nearby homes, which were disconnected for around an hour.

A spokesman for the firm said: ''About 105 properties were affected. We had engineers out and worked to get them back on as quickly as possible.''

A spokesman for the Air Accident Investigation Branch confirmed the incident had been reported to it and it had launched an investigation.

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