Thursday, July 19, 2012

Help wanted: Alaska bush pilot ally with passion for floatplanes, FAA

The Ted Stevens Anchorage International Airport is recruiting for a Lake Hood manager, formally called an Airport Operations Specialist, according to a press release sent out on Tuesday.

What's the job entail?
  • You'll provide a variety of services "to ensure day-to-day airfield operations’ safety and compliance with statutes and federal regulations" at the world's most heavily populated seaplane home base. Over 1,000 aircraft use the facility, year-round. 
  • You will supervise staff and provide "managerial support."
  • You will be Lake Hood's go-between to the Federal Aviation Administration, and will meet with a variety of groups to resolve airport operation issues. (Interpretation: Think of yourself as a conduit for community concerns to Uncle Sam).
  • You will physically check the air strip and seaplane base. The buck stops with you on security and safety issues.
  • Not enough? You will also step in as senior representative for airport management when higher authorities are absent.
Minimum qualifications as listed on the job posting are: “Two years experience resolving aircraft operating area (AOA) issues and experience involving commercial or general aviation operations, terminal operations, landside operations, or overseeing snow removal and airport and runway safety operations, subject to FAA, state, or military rules and regulations.”

“This is a critical position at Ted Stevens Anchorage International Airport,” John Parrott, Airport Manager at Anchorage International Airport, said in the press release. “With 500 floatplane slips and 500 wheeled airplane tie downs, Lake Hood is a busy airport in its own right. This is an exciting job that interfaces with lots of avid aviators, oversees operations and conducts crucial safety and security elements in accordance with the FAA.”

The job is a full-time, year-round position with the State of Alaska, Department of Transportation and Public Facilities.

People interested in the position can log onto Workplace Alaska to find more details and apply electronically.

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