Friday, April 27, 2012

Belize: Mysterious plane crash landed on farm road in San Victor Village

In the rush of the organized media to stay abreast of all the ‘latest’ homicidal rampages, the latest in a string of mysterious ‘drug planes’ that have crash-landed hither-and-yon throughout the country occurred this past Friday, April 20th, and it occurred once more in northern Belize.

The plane is a converted Cessna® 210-N single-engine with only two seats (for a pilot and a passenger), and modified to carry at least 1,000 pounds of cargo (most likely illicit drugs bound for Mexico, and then the United States and Canada for sale). But by the time the Police arrived, neither cargo nor pilot was aboard. 

When they arrived to the field, the mangled and wrecked plane was there, barely a shadow of its glorious self.

Police believe that the field in San Victor Village was the place that the plane planned to refuel, but the pilot couldn’t avoid a huge pothole in the feeder road, which led to the crash. The plane, despite having bogus registration papers which pointed to Ecuador as a point of origin, is believed to have been brought in Mexico.

As for the likely cargo, that’s long gone, either in the sea or already over the Mexican border. Police investigations continue at this time.

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