Friday, March 16, 2012

Nigeria: Abuja Airport Manager Berates Airlines Over Delays

Few days after the Nigeria Civil Aviation Authority has promised to introduce penalty measures against airline flight delays and cancellations, the manager of the Nnamdi Azikiwe International airport Abuja Chris Bature has lamented the arbitrary ways domestic airlines delay flights at the airport..

Bature said that the delay of passengers by airlines as a result of cancellations and non-adherence to schedule has led to congestion of the terminals of the airport, adding that this over stretches the facilities at the halls.

According to him, the facilities at the airport were installed based on certain number of passengers which have been exceeded, adding that the burden was becoming too high for the facilities to accommodate.

"The congestion of the terminals due to delay by airlines has put a lot of burden on the passengers because the facilities was built with number of people in mind and once you begin to over load the structure with more than necessary number of people, the cooling system will become ineffective and seating will not be enough".

The airport regional general manager explained that sometimes a flight scheduled for 10:00 am would take off by 5: 00 pm or 6: 00 pm making passengers to pass through unnecessary stress, pains and discomfort at the airport.

On the pace of work at the domestic wing of the Nnamdi Azikiwe airport, Bature said work was on going at impressive pace, remarking that the airport was going through a total rehabilitation with a new structure being put up.

He explained that the old domestic terminal under construction would be used for pilgrimages and also for general aviation, adding that it will not be used by domestic operations.

He said that domestic passengers would be using the module D facilities presently being used by Arik and Air Nigeria which has a lot of check in counters.

He said there was plan to commence work on the facilities so that in the next two years, the place would be ready and would consolidate domestic operations there, stressing that all necessary requirements for an airport would be fixed.

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