Monday, February 06, 2012

Plane lands safely after midair malfunction at Danbury Municipal Airport (KDXR), Connecticut.

DANBURY -- A small plane landed safely Monday at Danbury Municipal Airport after the pilot said he was having trouble deploying the landing gear, officials said.

The pilot, whose identity was not immediately available, also briefly lost communication with air traffic controller shortly before 1 p.m., said Danbury Assistant Fire Chief Paul Omasta.

Officials were able to reestablish contact with the pilot shortly thereafter by calling his cell phone, Omasta said.

According to Omasta, the pilot set the plane down about 15 minutes on one of the airport's two runways, where several local fire companies had converged in anticipation of a possible crash landing.

"The pilot inadvertently did not switch on his alternator, so while in flight his battery went dead so he had no power to communicate with the radio," Omasta. "(Ultimately) he was able to crank down the gear manually."

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