Saturday, February 04, 2012

Stansted Airport: Fire crews called to ‘technical problem’ on passenger plane. (UK)

Essex: Fire in plane engine at Stansted

Six fire crews were called to Stansted Airport after a plane engine set on fire.

The crews from Great Dunmow, Leaden Roding, Stansted, Billericay, and Bishop Stortford were called at 10.17 this morning.

A fire spokesman said: "Following an indication of a fire warning in an engine aeroplane crews followed standard procedures.

"The aircraft was returned to stand and passengers disembarked in a controlled way.

"Essex fire crews attended as part of standard procedures in incidents of this nature." 

Fire crews from five stations in Essex dealt with an incident in a airplane engine today.

Firefighters from Great Dunmow, Leaden Roding, Stansted, Billericay and Bishop Stortford, were called to Stanstead Airport at 10.17am.

It was on the stand when the problem occurred and all the 190 passengers were taken off the aircraft.

A spokeswoman for Stansted Airport said there had been a technical problem with the aircraft which was a chartered flight heading to Chambery, in France.

“The aircraft was preparing for take off,” she said. “It was not on the runway. It was very low key.”

A spokesperson for Titan Airways said: “There was a technical problem with the aircraft prior to departure.

“As a precaution passengers were offloaded whilst checks were carried out. We are now preparing for a new departure time of 4pm today.”

The incident was dealt with by 10.48am.

Were you on the flight? If so call the newsdesk on 01473 324800.

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