Friday, February 17, 2012

Military plane touch-and-gos at Piedmont Triad International Airport too loud, neighbors say

GREENSBORO, N.C. — Neighbors near PTI said they’re getting fed up with their homes shaking and the deafening noises due to large military planes doing touch-and-gos.

Patty Webb lives in the Cardinal neighborhood north of PTI. It’s part of the flight path of the new runway that opened a year or so ago.

Webb said the touch-and-gos happen so often that she began videotaping them.

“I just call it the beast. It’s so loud and screeches so loud you just have to take footage of it,” Webb said. “You hear these planes well before you see them. Their behind those trees, especially in the summertime….It gets louder and louder, and then they come over the tops of those trees. By the time they’re here, it’s crazy noisy.”

Kevin Baker, PTI Airport executive director, said they’ve been working with neighbors like Webb for a year to decrease the number of times the military planes fly over their homes.

Baker said they do their best to put them on the runway that doesn’t fly over people’s homes, but sometimes that can’t work logistically.

However, Baker said they can’t stop the Air Force from completely using their runways.

Also, while Greensboro is thinking about changing its noise ordinance, a city spokesman said Friday the city doesn’t have the authority to include the airport and airplanes in such an ordinance.

Neighbors said they aren’t complaining about every plane that flies over, only the military planes.

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