Friday, January 20, 2012

Trenton, Tennessee: Gibson County Airport (KTGC) Reports Increased Traffic.

An up-tick in the Gibson County economy is coming from an unexpected source - the Gibson County airport.

Even though it is a small facility that caters primarily to businesses and private pilots, workers said their influx in business is benefiting everyone.

On Wednesday, it may have been quiet at the airport because of the weather, but for the past three months, workers said it has been quite busy.

"The year overall has been an up-tick in travel, and we've had a lot more planes coming through for fueling, going to other places and business," said manager Robert Lockard.

So busy, Lockard said they have had an estimated increase of 500 to 750 more flights in 2011 than they did in 2010.

They even had to build a new t-hanger to hold 10 more planes. It is popular for business people.

"If you're going to have businesses coming in this area of West Tennessee, you need airports for the business leaders and CEOs of companies to get to their respected businesses more efficiently and that's what the smaller airports are number one in doing," Lockard said.

Lockard said even though the airport is small and does not fly commercial, they still get travelers from all over the country, and they do not always just stop through to fuel up.

"They stop, they eat, a lot of times they use motels here, so they do contribute to the economy in West Tennessee," he said.

He said he thinks 2012 will be another up year, and hopes to build additional hangers to house more planes.

According to Lockard, the Gibson County Airport recently received grant money from the Department of Transportation, which will be used to trim trees close to the runway, which are getting too tall and could affect the safety area.

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