Saturday, September 24, 2011

India: Directorate General of Civil Aviation officer taken off duty preparing safety manuals

New Delhi, Sep 24, (PTI):  Senior DGCA officer R S Passi, who was stripped of responsibilities as Director (Air Safety) five months ago, has been asked to prepare safety manuals as the government is yet to decide on the action to be taken against him on charges of nepotism.

"Passi is a Class-I Officer of the government. He was neither suspended nor sacked, but was taken off duties with immediate effect in April. As he has been drawing his salary and doing nothing, some work like preparing safety manuals has been given to him. His work is completely unrelated to anything concerning airlines," top officials of the aviation regulator said here.

Passi was removed from his position in DGCA's Air Safety Directorate this April following investigations into the fake licence scam which revealed that his daughter had not cleared a flight test in the US but was working in an Indian carrier as pilot after getting a Commercial Pilot License. She quit after the probe began.

The officials, requesting anonymity, said the Directorate General of Civil Aviation had forwarded all cases involving its officials and staff to the Civil Aviation Ministry "six months ago".

"It is for the government to take a decision on them. But till the decision comes, we can't let such senior officers sit idle, especially when there are only 14 officers handling aviation safety issues in the DGCA," they said.

Some officers and staff had come under the scanner in the fake pilot licenses scam and three of them were arrested. DGCA had lodged 13 First Information Reports with Delhi Police's Crime Branch.

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