Wednesday, September 14, 2022

Airbus A220-100, N113DQ: Accident occurred September 04, 2022 at John F. Kennedy International Airport (KJFK), New York

National Transportation Safety Board - Accident Number: DCA22LA198


  1. FlightAware tracking history shows that N113DQ was not at KJFK on Sept 4th. The previous day it flew from KJFK to KBOS, and then on the 4th it flew KBOS -> KDFW -> KLGA -> KMSY. Then it sat in New Orleans for five days and didn't depart KMSY until Sept 9th. I wonder if this incident actually occurred at KLGA, not KJFK, on the 4th? And whatever it was took the plane out of commission for five days? NTSB accident database ( shows "serious injury" but I can't find any details.

    1. Adsbexchange captured N113DQ on the 4th going into and later departing La Guardia (see link below).

      Sometimes this type of report is a crew injury. Flight attendants not seated in turbulence get injured while performing duties, etc.

    2. Aircraft damage on the 4th seems unlikely - no report was entered for an Aeospatiale event in ASIAS after the 1st thru to the 16th.

      Interesting to see in ASIAS a report on September 1st of N745RH AS350 having made a precautionary landing at Aloha Stadium Parking lot, Honolulu.

      ASIAS link:

      N745RH notice of Aloha Stadium incident:,P96_MAKE_NAME,P96_FATAL_FLG:02-SEP-22,AEROSPATIALE

  2. FA prolly busted an ankle in turbulence.