Tuesday, July 26, 2022

New Lawsuit - Product Liability

Rhode Island-based aviation manufacturer Textron and other defendants were slapped with a product liability lawsuit Monday in Louisiana Eastern District Court. The lawsuit was filed by Wilbert Law Firm on behalf of David Craig Hare, who claims certain defective aircraft engine upgrades caused injuries and fatalities. Counsel have not yet appeared for the defendants. The case is 2:22-cv-02306, Hare v. Textron, Inc. et al.

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  1. The suit is basically about a cotter pin which holds the throttle cable to the throttle body can either break as it is made of steel (not stainless) or can work it's way out because it is too small. This is the Air Plains STC for a 300HP used for fish spotting that crashed in Louisiana. The plaintiff alleges that all the aircraft (12 others) in his employers fleet with the same upgrade had the same defect.