Monday, May 30, 2022

Federal Aviation Administration Scheduled To Release Environmental Assessment Of Space-X Boca Chica Operations

Tuesday is the day the Federal Aviation Administration is to release its environmental assessment of the expanding SpaceX rocket testing and launch facility on Boca Chica Beach. The much-delayed report will be key in determining whether SpaceX is granted a license to conduct its first orbital launch of its giant Starship prototype from coastal Cameron County.

For the past six months, the Federal Aviation Administration has been assessing how expanding SpaceX operations on Boca Chica, and the rocket launch itself, will impact the environment and the structural integrity of homes and businesses in the area.

SpaceX is hoping for a finding of “no significant impact” but the Federal Aviation Administration could also order a more in-depth study. SpaceX CEO Elon Musk has said that could prompt a move of launch operations from Boca Chica to Cape Canaveral.


  1. The man has displeased some who will be involved in "assessments". Will be interesting to see how far he is allowed to continue. The "Bridle on the horse" example of Jack Ma provides a cautionary reminder.

    1. Yep. Elon has poked the ire of the neo-communist bear of the Deep State and they don't like him. Ever since he 1) said he was no longer a Democrat player and 2) said he was going to buy out Twitter and open up free speech* again, they decided he's the latest enemy of "their state" and are out to get him. Even he knows it.

      *Free speech is only existent in the closed bubbled off world of those who suck face with the Establishment in DC, the major city leaders (if you want to call NYC, Baltimore, Chicago, LA, and San Francisco mayors "leaders"). Anyone who threatens their control over what we need to know or say, and they are the latest Public Enemy #1.