Wednesday, April 27, 2022

San Diego, California: Day 2 - Homeowners’ attorney says ‘Federal Aviation Administration had nothing to do with’ palm tree removal

Marc Applebaum, Attorney For Homeowners

SAN DIEGO, California (KUSI) – Ocean Beach residents are still in shock after city crews cut down the iconic palm trees that lined their streets.

Apparently, there’s still more cutting to get to.

The city can still potentially chop down about 10 other palm trees.

A lawsuit is still pending against the city of San Diego to save the trees.

The city put up some signage on Sunday and then first thing on Monday morning before business hours, crews were out in Ocean Beach with chainsaws, chopping trees down.

A spokesperson for the city sent KUSI a statement saying that the city removed five palm trees yesterday along Newport Avenue per the directions of the FAA and the San Diego Airport Authority.

The statement also went on to say that the removed trees presented an urgent threat to flight plans in aviation operations that impact public safety and the economic health of San Diego.

Residents that live along Newport Avenue, where the trees are being chopped down, have not been buying that excuse.

KUSI’s Dan Plante was live from the tree chopping site with more details and testimonies from angry residents.

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  1. Turning classy San Diego into left wing liberal shithole San Francisco.