Monday, September 06, 2021

'Sit down now!' Unruly passenger detained on flight into Salt Lake City

(KUTV) – Salt Lake City Police detained a passenger who caused a disruption on a flight into Salt Lake City International Airport Monday.

Video shared with 2News shows the passenger yelling at a flight crew member as the flight is preparing to land.

The incident happened on board American Airlines flight 1802 from Los Angeles to Salt Lake City, according to the passenger who shared the video.

3 videos posted by Dennis Busch show different portions of the disruption. In one of the videos, the man is seen growling while moving a mask around his face. A second shows the man confronting a member of the flight crew and claiming the plane was already on the ground. A third video shows police board the aircraft and remove the disruptive passenger.

Salt Lake City International Airport officials confirm to 2News that the man was cited for public intoxication.

American Airlines sent the following statement about the incident:

"American Airlines flight 1802 with service from Los Angeles (LAX) to Salt Lake City (SLC) was met by law enforcement upon arrival at SLC due to an unruly passenger. The flight landed safely at SLC where local law enforcement removed the disruptive passenger from the aircraft. We thank our crew for their professionalism and our customers for their understanding."

The passenger’s identity was not immediately released.

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