Tuesday, September 28, 2021

Cessna 172G Skyhawk, N4118L: Accident occurred September 27, 2021 in Miramar, Broward County, Florida

Federal Aviation Administration / Flight Standards District Office; South Florida

Aircraft attempted to make emergency landing on Miramar Parkway and struck a telephone pole.  

Jacobs Flight Services LLC

UAN Venture Partners LLC

Date: 27-SEP-21
Time: 23:41:00Z
Regis#: N4118L
Aircraft Make: CESSNA
Aircraft Model: 172
Event Type: ACCIDENT
Highest Injury: SERIOUS
Aircraft Missing: No
Activity: PERSONAL
Flight Phase: EN ROUTE (ENR)
Operation: 91

Two women who were onboard a small plane when it crashed Monday night in Miramar have been hospitalized, officials said.

Federal Aviation Administration officials said the Cessna 172G Skyhawk made an emergency landing on Miramar Parkway near Palm Avenue and Miramar Boulevard around 10:40 p.m.

According to a registry from the FAA, the Cessna was registered out of Odessa - located just north of Tampa - and had made several flights between North Perry Airport in Hollywood and the southwest Florida cities of Immokalee and Naples.

The women inside the plane survived and were taken to the hospital, Miramar Police officials said. They were in serious condition Tuesday morning, officials said.

Officials later identified the two women on the plane as Gopika Sreekumar, 23, and Ravi Urmila, 36.

The FAA and the NTSB are investigating. 

MIRAMAR, Florida – Two women survived after their plane crashed in Miramar late Monday night, authorities confirmed.

According to Miramar police, the plane came down on Palm Avenue, just north of Miramar Parkway.

Witnesses called 911 to report that the plane hit a pole and trees on its way down.

Officers closed down Palm Avenue at Miramar Boulevard and Miramar Parkway.

The wings of the Cessna 172G Skyhawk were intact after the crash, but the propeller snapped off and the tail nearly broke off, as well.

According to flightaware.com, the plane took off from a Naples airport around 9:30 p.m. and was supposed to arrive at an airport in the Hollywood area around 10:30 p.m., but never made it to its destination.

A spokesman for the Federal Aviation Administration confirmed that the plane made an emergency landing at 10:40 p.m.

There were signs at the scene the next morning that paramedics had frantically worked to save the victims’ lives. On the ground, you could see that there was a used syringe, as well as a bloody bandage and a broken headset.

Two ambulances were spotted leaving the scene. Authorities later confirmed that two people were on board the plane and that they were taken to Memorial Regional Hospital in Hollywood in serious condition.

Sergio Mora lives nearby and told Local 10 News that police blocked off access to his neighborhood in the wake of the crash.

“We tried to get into our house, but we couldn’t, so my wife and my kids, they just dropped down the vehicle and went walking to the house and I stayed there until 2:30, maybe until 3 in the morning, waiting for them to open,” he said.

The women on board the plane were later identified as Gopika Sreekumar and Ravi Urmila. A Miramar police report stated that it was unclear which woman was flying the plane.

Officials worked throughout the day Tuesday to remove the aircraft from the crash scene. It was taken away late Tuesday afternoon.

The National Transportation Safety Board and the FAA will investigate the incident, with the NTSB taking the lead in the investigation.

Records show the plane is registered to UAN Venture Partners in Pasco County.


  1. A very serious accident by an apparent student-instructor duo and both women are in serious condition. Best wishes for full recovery to both. Photo of the aircraft at the scene:


    1. Round trip KWHO to KAPF Naples, no fuel stop. Flightaware broke it into two parts, but track log times show no interruption for fuel stop. Made 11 touch and goes at Naples.

      Fuel exhaustion seems likely.

      Part one:
      Part two:

    2. It may have been fuel exhaustion but the two linked roundtrip flights were about 10 hours apart, plenty of time to refuel. At 2.5 hours, the duration of the accident flight should have consumed ~25 gallons block. Nighttime forced landing onto a street, not a good place to be. I wish the two a full and speedy recovery.

  2. Capt. Urmila Ravi Shankar, 36, CFI, CFII, MEI Commercial Pilot; from Dubai, United Arab Emirates.
    Gopika Sreekumar, 23, student under instruction.


    1. CFI, CFII, MEI) Only for the joy and pride She got all licenses behind her belt!!!.she was the one took-off from opposite runway with PPL student ending up with landing aircraft head on, and other multiple close calls on her which all unnoticed, Examiner have check the candidate capability before issue CFI license. make sure them sure it won't cause innocent student life. some DP's Favoriting for females students by go below their standards for check ride which Japeries aviation safety.

  3. If you check the flight tracking. Starting Monday morning it does have about 5 flights. All of the flights total up to about 4 Hours 25 minutes fly time. NOT including the start, taxi, and runup burns. Just an assumption but it looks like fuel starvation at this point.
    In this world a lot of woman do not have the gift. Most woman can get wings and keep wings but most of them fall apart and never really grasped the concept.

    1. "Most woman can get wings and keep wings but most of them fall apart and never really grasped the concept."



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