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Aeronca Champion 7AC, N35FT: Encountered crosswind on landing rollout; collided with runway perimeter berm

AIRCRAFT: 1946 Aeronca Champ 7AC N35FT, s/n 7AC-1300, TTAF reported to be 3,567.2

The last Annual Inspection is dated 09/06/20 at Aircraft Total Time 3,537.2, Tach Time 2,569.0

Logbooks Extracts                       

ENGINE:  Continental C-65-8, s/n: 30584-6-8, TSN 3,567.2, TSMOH approximately 122.65 – see log extracts.

The last Annual Inspection is dated 09/06/20 at Aircraft Total Time 3,537.2, Tach Time 2,569.0      

PROPELLER:  McCauley IB90/CM7443, s/n 48938, approximately 43.97 – see log extracts.

EQUIPMENT:   No avionics installed.

DESCRIPTION OF ACCIDENT:  N35FT encountered a crosswind on landing roll out at Airport Manatee, departed the runway, and came to rest after colliding with the runway perimeter berm and bushes.

DAMAGE:  The damage includes but may not be limited to the follow: 

The prop struck the berm and the engine stopped.
The engine experienced a prop strike/sudden stoppage.
Exhaust is bent and crushed
The right gear leg folded under
Right door is damaged and sprung.
The nose section, cowling, and lower skins are significantly damage.
The firewall is buckled
The carburetor manifold is broken
The windshield is cracked
The oleo gear frame is broken
There is a tear in the fabric
Airframe may be twisted.

LOCATION OF AIRCRAFT:  Airport Manatee (48X) in Palmetto, Florida

*Logs appear to begin in 1964 for this 1946 aircraft;
*Insurer reserves the right to reject any and all bids;
*Salvage is as is/where is;
*The posting information is the best to our knowledge; 
*An inspection of the salvage is highly recommended.

WARRANTY:  There is no warranty, express or implied for the information provided herein or the condition, useability, workability, operability or marketability of the aircraft salvage.  All times are approximate and the logbooks and aircraft should be inspected by each bidder BEFORE BIDDING.  Failure of the bidder to view the salvage or wreckage, or confirm any information provided is NOT grounds for a claim or withdrawal of bid after bid closing date.  
HOURS estimated from logbooks or other information - not guaranteed or warranted.

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