Friday, July 02, 2021

Cirrus SR22 G5 GTS, N100ZW: Accident occurred July 01, 2021 in Fort Myers, Florida

Federal Aviation Administration / Flight Standards District Office; South Florida

Aircraft experienced an engine failure and deployed the ballistic parachute system. 

Fetch Aviation LLC

Date: 01-JUL-21
Time: 23:40:00Z
Regis#: N100ZW
Aircraft Make: CIRRUS
Aircraft Model: SR22
Event Type: ACCIDENT
Highest Injury: NONE
Aircraft Missing: No
Activity: PERSONAL
Flight Phase: APPROACH (APR)
Operation: 91


  1. Moments from landing, possible fuel exhaustion if consumption on the leg going north was the basis for calculating limited refuel before returning south. Wouldn't be the first Cirrus pilot trying to out guess the low fuel warning/remaining and stretch the finish.

    Chute ride on video.

    1. This was a training flight with a CFI and student. If you listen to the ATC comms the throttle broke as they were defending from 12000 ft. All they had was idle with no prop control (Cirrus does not have a prop control) The determined with no power and a flat prop dragging and slowing them down they could not make the airfield. Thus the CAPS pull. If you look at the area, homes, canals etc not safe place for an off field landing.

  2. Notice the pilot's thinking in the clip--that the parachute is a great out. That mindset is undoubtedly a big factor in why Cirrus accidents, and a lot of them fatal, have just been routine again in the news lately. Keep it up, and the insurance companies will price them right out of the market.

    1. This was a training flight with a CFI in the right seat. They were on an instrument approach from 13000 ft. Approx 15 miles out they experience a throttle failure. All they had was idle, no power what so ever. With not prop control and the drag from the flat prop the decision was made to pull the CAPS. No place to put down in a major urban area with homes, canals and river.

    2. Sad to have a throttle control fail at the wrong time. Hundreds of throttle up/down cycles in seven years of use since production and it breaks on approach without enough altitude remaining to glide to the field. Lack of separate prop pitch control is a bug, not a feature.