Saturday, February 27, 2021

With the recent crashes in Alabama, should you be worried about flight safety?

DOTHAN, Alabama (WDHN) — According to flight radar, more than 5,000 planes are in the air at any given time.

Before the coronavirus pandemic, a normal day could track nearly two-hundred thousand flights, per day.

Recently, there were four different crashes in Alabama, but even with these incidents being close together, one professional said the surprising nature of these incidents is because flying is mostly safe.

“Whether it’s commercial aviation, military aviation, or private aviation, we have gotten so good at safety that when you see accidents happen (that) it’s almost alarming because it doesn’t happen very often,” said David Stock, owner of ACOM Aviation Academy.

But there have to be some inherent risks, right?

“Aviation in general is a pretty dangerous business; you’re defying gravity on a regular basis so anytime you’re out there defying gravity, there’s some potential for risk,” Stock said.

That’s why pilots undergo many hours of flight training in the cockpit and in the classroom to make sure everyone involved can make it back to the ground safely.

“We think it is safer to drive these days, with all the distracted drivers that are on the road,” instructor pilot Chuck Byrd said “I feel safer flying to Clemson, South Carolina than I do driving to Clemson, South Carolina.

“Are there any major trends, any major issues? I would say probably not,” Stock said. “These are all isolated incidents, and they will probably try to figure out what they are quickly, and then we will learn from them. That’s what we do.”

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