Saturday, February 13, 2021

Lake Winnipesaukee at Alton Bay (B18), New Hampshire

ALTON, New Hampshire — Alton Bay Ice Runway opened this week for the first time since 2019.

Last year the runway never opened because of poor ice conditions.

Officials said the runway is 2,600 feet long and 125 feet wide.

The runway, which is the only one approved by the Federal Aviation Administration in the lower 48 states, is funded by the New Hampshire Department of Transportation.

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  1. NOT funded by the NHDoT. It is prepared and paid for by local volunteers out of their own pockets. NHDoT provides a tiny subsidy - but really this is a local affair. Be sure to thank Paul LaRochelle - the volunteer manager and his team!

    Be sure to review the FAA WINGS Safety Course before attempting this runway:

    1. Thanks Paul.
      The URL listed for the safety review course needs to be updated.

  2. Try..

    1. Try updated link from 1/19/2021: