Thursday, February 18, 2021

Florida man shines laser at sheriff’s helicopter, leads officers to him and his methamphetamine, deputies say

Stephen Walter Gladu
 Indian River County Sheriff’s Office

A Florida man who pointed a laser at a sheriff’s helicopter led authorities to him and his baggie of methamphetamine, deputies said Thursday.

Stephen Walter Gladu, 33, of Riverview had the drugs in his pocket when he shined the green light three times at the pilot, temporarily blinding him early Monday, the Indian River County Sheriff’s Office said.

“Glad you lead us right to yourself Steve,” the sheriff’s office posted on its Facebook page.

Gladu told officers he and a friend were just looking at stars, the department said.

Gladu was arrested in Vero Beach and booked just after midnight Monday. He remained jailed as of Thursday afternoon.

Jail records list his occupation as air conditioner repairman.

Indian River County Sheriff's Office

Illegal light show leads to drug arrest

-Legal: The Drive-in Laser Light Show (starts today)
-Illegal: Shining a laser at our agency's helicopter (that doesn’t make them happy and leads to your arrest).

To end his Valentine’s Day celebration, Stephen Gladu, 33, of Riverview, Fla., decided to spend it shining a laser at one of our birds while he had a baggie of meth in his pocket. Glad you lead us right to yourself Steve.

On February 15, around midnight, a ground unit responded to the 3700 block of 74th Ave. after being requested by pilot Dep. Klassen. Klassen told deputies on the ground he was hit three times with a green laser pointer (shouldn’t it have been red? Come on Steve.) By doing this it blinded his flying capabilities.

Eventually we caught up with Stevie around 74th Ave. and 26th St.

Wait, it gets cuter, he said he and a passenger were watching stars. (I guess meth does that, too?)

When asked about the laser pointer Gladu said he was just pointing it around.

Gladu faces charges of possession of a controlled substance and misuse of a laser pointer.

Glad you were able to help us get drugs out of our county.

Indian River County Sheriff's Office


  1. Little Stevie FlY'n High gets grounded..another GENIUS!

  2. Florida man never fails to continue to stereotype. As a Florida Native, I only wish I could just say that with the intent of jest.

  3. Amazing how some people end up being such losers

  4. He's quite a loser... His daughter happens to be the one who has to have her heart broken everyone he decides to break the law and end up back in prison and or jail. Well she's my daughter now and I will never allow him to break her heart again. That's a promise. Keep him where he belongs... Behind bars.