Monday, January 11, 2021

Mitsubishi MU-300, N442EA: Incident occurred January 09, 2021 at Henderson Executive Airport (KHND), Las Vegas, Clark County, Nevada

Federal Aviation Administration / Flight Standards District Office; Las Vegas, Nevada

Aircraft made a hard landing and left wing impacted the ground. 

Walid George Haddad Aziz

Date: 09-JAN-21
Time: 02:15:00Z
Regis#: N442EA
Aircraft Make: MITSUBISHI
Aircraft Model: MU300
Event Type: INCIDENT
Highest Injury: NONE
Aircraft Missing: No
Damage: MINOR
Activity: PERSONAL
Flight Phase: LANDING (LDG)


  1. I witnessed this landing. "hard" doesn't begin to describe it and there's much more to it...the pilot totally disregarded ATC at KHND as he came in and just about crashed on 17R. It was pretty surreal.

  2. Wow. "Hold your right hand up and turn that way". "Your approach looks very steep"

  3. Basically a Beech 400. Reckless approach operation and hard landing causing wing damage. Was the pilot Jack Roush by any chance? He already broke a Beech Premiere 1 in half back in 2010 which was well documented in both video and photos as it happened.

    1. hahaha I watched him Roush it in back in 2010 in person, was down the flightline a ways, but could tell he was about to stall that thing. Sure enough, he Roushed it right on into the ground.

  4. Wow, just wow...more money than skill.

  5. Looks like the owner just got this plane in November

  6. Whoever signed off that guy to fly should be embarresed. I listened to the audio and it was scary how bad their calls were. Brand new student pilots could make better calls and follow those simple instructions.

    1. "Are you a solo student pilot?"

    2. Agreed. This person (I cannot bring myself to calling him a "pilot") should not be flying deadly missiles through the air. If he wants to go back to Mexico and kill thousands of people there, that's fine with me. Just either get him out of here or cut up his ticket. Where did he get his license? Cracker Jack box? The DPE should be ashamed that he pocketed free money like this.
      My buddy student pilot has the same accent but has no problem listening to ATC, replying properly and carrying out their instructions. When a controller tells me "turn right", I stop fiddling with the GPS or iPad, I grab the "yoke thingy" in front of me and I turn the airplane right. I guess this pilot could not put the coke down, didn't want to spill it?
      Was the pilot the actual owner with more money than brains?

  7. i would assume this aircraft requires a type rating but something tells me no type rating was sought

  8. Yes it does require a type rating. Type is listed as MU-300, BE-400
    I tried to look this guy up on FAA Database, but couldn't figure out what his
    Last and first name was. Here it is AZIZ WALID GEORGE HADDAD Maybe someone here can help figure it out and look it up?
    Also, has his plane blocked on Flightaware.

    1. The aircraft is not blocked on all of the tracking sites. It was muy interesante to look back through the Nov/Dec/Jan flights.

      Searched combinations of a last name term and a first name single letter in Airmen Registry (with all location info left blank to include address opt-outs), no matches.

    2. If you flew like that you would block your plane as well.

    3. Yup.. same thing I got. I did not ck "All" tracking sites, but on Flightaware N442EA is blocked.

      This aircraft (N442EA) is not available for public tracking per request from the owner/operator.
      FlightAware can provide aircraft owner/operators with secure access to their own flight data. Contact FlightAware for help.

    4. is the best ADS-B tracking site because they refuse to block any planes and their data resolution is the highest I've seen. They have the track of this plane:

    5. I agree with you! It is the BEST!! is the best

  9. You can use ADSB Exchange and track it. The airplane flew from RVS in Tulsa to Monterrey/Aeropuerto International del Norte (11/5/2020), and then it went to GDL(12/8/2020). Multiple flights out GDL in December. The flight on 1/9 started in GDL with an entry in Nogales (OLS). From there, it went to Las Vegas, where this incident occurred. Not middle eastern, and this was the first flight back in the US after being flown to Mexico in November.

    In regards to Haddad Aziz, Walid George (Aircraft Owner) - it appears that he studied accounting in Universidad La Salle in Mexico City (assuming he is the same person). Also, he owns the San Antonio house, where the aircraft is registered per the Bexar Appraisal District. House was acquired in 2016. It is not out of the norm that people in Mexico have houses in the US.

    No pilot record under his name, so probably he hired this pilot to do the flight.