Friday, December 18, 2020

Wadsworth Municipal Airport (3G3) considering new airport operator

WADSWORTH,  Ohio — A new operating company could be brought on at Wadsworth Municipal Airport as negotiations between the city and current building leadership continues.

On Tuesday, City Council approved a first reading of legislation opening the airport operator slot to bids. As it stands, that would still need to pass two more readings before an actual bidding process is started.

City Public Service Director Robert Patrick said talks with the current operating company, Flight Services of Wadsworth, will go on as the city weighs whether to seek other options at 840 Airport Drive.

"We extended the agreement we have with the operator of the airport back in July through the end of January," he told council. "That's so we could have discussions and understand the operations and needs down there and, possibly, come to a resolution. If not, we've known it would have to go out to bid."

Patrick said Flight Services of Wadsworth is paid $4,941 per month under the current agreement.

"We do have some time left but we have to get this done and have a new agreement but it's also very important for council to get this (request for proposal) out before Christmas so folks can respond."

At-Large Councilman David Williams asked why the issue wasn't brought before council sooner.

"This is an issue that's been going on for six months now," he said. "I just got this legislation 52 minutes before the meeting started. On short notice, I had time to make a quick call to another airport to get a feel of what they're doing. We haven't had an airport commission meeting in 20 months and we haven't talked about this at public ways (committee)."

Williams suggested the legislation be put on second reading rather that passed on emergency, which fellow council members agreed with.

"If a renewal can't be worked out and a bidding process begins, the negotiations we're working on would, at that point, cease," Patrick said after the meeting. "We're tying to work out financial stuff in these talks (with the current company) and what expectations are as far as times of operation."


  1. Wow, can't wait to hear how this turns out....

  2. Enjoying watching the planes fly over our neighborhood. The kids love it. Thank you!

  3. Should be interesting. New operator beware... There are just 2 sources of revenue for the operator at Wadsworth. Profit on fuel sales plus the City fee ($4,451/mo). The current operator, staffs the FBO 24x7x365, maintains the fuel farm and helps aircraft fuel, tugs the Helicopter for the Cleveland Clinic with 5 minute notice, plows and mows over 60 acres of grass. We local pilots love their friendly help! They brought in the Cleveland Clinic Helicopter and Aerotrek Flight Academy which has a been an awesome asset with 15+ rental aircraft for us renters to fly.