Wednesday, December 16, 2020

Cessna 172N Skyhawk, N739LS: Hard Landing

HOURS estimated from logbooks or other information - not guaranteed or warranted.

Several of the logbooks are Xerox copies.             

AIRCRAFT: 1978 CESSNA 172N N739LS, s/n: 17270633, Tach 4830.5 

ENGINE: Lycoming O-320-H2AD, TSN 6689.5, TSOH 2690.5               

PROPELLER:  McCauley 1C160/DTM, TT 2690.5                       


Garmin GNS430
Garmin GTX327
Garmin GNS430
Garmin GMA340
King KX165

DESCRIPTION OF ACCIDENT:  On 07/13/20, the aircraft experienced a hard landing resulting in the damages being sustained to the aircraft.

LOCATION OF AIRCRAFT: Beegles Aircraft Service, Greeley, Colorado

REMARKS:  Several of the logbooks are Xerox copies.                            

Insurer reserves the right to reject any and all bids. 

Salvage is as is/where is. 

The posting information is the best to our knowledge. 

An inspection of the salvage is highly recommended. 


WARRANTY:  There is no warranty, express or implied for the information provided herein or the condition, useability, workability, operability or marketability of the aircraft salvage.  All times are approximate and the logbooks and aircraft should be inspected by each bidder BEFORE BIDDING. Failure of the bidder to view the salvage or wreckage, or confirm any information provided is NOT grounds for a claim or withdrawal of bid after bid closing date.) 


  1. Flight Aware shows this plane flying Monday October 5th from near Wheatland, WY to Greely CO. Strange if the accident happened in July 2020, and it is being sold by the insurance company as "Salvage"

  2. Its serious when Beegles Aircraft Services, which offers a complete turnkey service (including disassembly and transport) and specializes in major structural repairs, has not opted or been offered to repair.

    1. Ok, but my question is why is it shown "flying" in Oct 2020 if it's salvage?

    2. Yeah but how do we know they did *not* do basic repairs to get it airworthy to fly in this positioning only flight on 10/5? The title is registered as a salvage and that's how by law they have to sell it. Just like a salvage titled vehicle that has been repaired and up for sale. Based on the damage here and the photos of aircraft they have worked on, this would be an easy repair for them to get it airworthy passing for a repositioning flight.

    3. This was not a repositioning flight. The accident happened at Greeley, CO (GXY) on 07/13/2020 where the aircraft is already located. No repositioning necessary. So, why the flight from Wyoming to Colorado on Oct 5th 2020?
      According to FAA registration, The aircraft is still listed as owned
      by Richland Flight Academy LLC

  3. I've seen my tail number show up in error 2000 miles away on I think it can happen if ATC enters a tail number incorrectly on call up.

  4. Yes, I noticed a PA-22 flying at 30,000 ft. 325 knots level flight. This must have been an error.


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