Sunday, February 17, 2019

Restricted Airspace: Federal Aviation Administration, Department of Defense drone regulations prevent accidental violations of security sensitive airspace

MINOT AIR FORCE BASE – Commercial, off-the-shelf remotely piloted aircraft, or drones, continue to be popular and increasing in numbers. Minot Air Force Base residents and area communities are reminded of the sUAS restrictions to prevent accidental violations of security sensitive airspace.

According to information provided by Minot AFB:

The Federal Aviation Administration and Department of Defense has a policy established to make sure the public is aware of these regulations regarding safety and security of resources and personnel on military installations.

Drones, which are designated as small unmanned aircraft systems (sUAS) by DoD and FAA, are unmanned aircraft weighing less than 55 pounds.

Anyone who operates commercial sUAS must meet certain requirements. This includes certifying and registering the sUAS as well as following the federal requirements referenced at the FAA’s website.

Airspace Restrictions

Minot Air Force Base, off-base missile alert facilities and launch facilities are identified as Department of Defense facilities and fall under the Security Sensitive Airspace Restrictions which state, “Drones are prohibited from flying over designated national security sensitive facilities. Operations are prohibited from the ground up to 400 feet above ground level, and apply to all types and purposes of UAS flight operations.”

Additionally, by law, anyone who wishes to operate a sUAS within 5 miles of the Minot Air Force Base perimeter boundary must notify the airport operator and the air traffic control tower (if one is present) of their flight.

“If you see a sUAS flying in restricted airspace, remember the acronym DRONE – Detect, Report, Observe, Notice features, Execute appropriate reporting, as this will help 5th SFS (Security Forces Squadron) members (at Minot AFB) to keep our base, assets, personnel and their families safe.”

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