Saturday, January 05, 2019

World's first Christian airline arrives at North Texas Regional Airport

DENISON, Texas -- The world's first Christian airline charter service is one step closer to getting started in Denison. 

Judah 1 MD-83 jet arrived at around 1 p.m. Sunday afternoon at the North Texas Regional Airport. 

The jet seats up to a 140 people and will be used for aviation ministry, carrying the missionaries and their cargo to do God's work around the world. 

"It's a very emotional day," said Founder of Judah 1, Everett Aaron. " To watch the plane land after going through an intensive C-check.... we're excited for what's to come." 

Aaron says now that the jet is here, they'll begin a four week process of certifications with the Federal Aviation Administration. In between the paperwork, the group will begin remodeling the inside of the plane. 

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  1. Really, this sounds like a tax-exempt scam, is anyone from Florida associated with this God associated venture ???

  2. 100% tax deduction for a plane in service this year then create a tax exempt non profit to operate it.
    Go to Caribbean tax heavens or countries that are tax shelters transporting whatever or whoever wants to physically deal there.
    You may be onto something.