Friday, December 28, 2018

Man removed from Boise Airport plane, arrested on theft charges

Yousef Ramadan
Ada County Sheriff's Office 

Boise police arrested a Portland man on an airplane at the Boise Airport after they say he stole a wallet from a bin in the airport’s security line.

Yousef Ramadan, 27, was arrested on suspicion of grand theft Thursday morning, according to Haley Williams, spokeswoman for the Boise Police Department. 

Surveillance camera footage from the airport shows Ramadan taking another man’s wallet from a bin as it moved through security, Williams said. 

The man reported the missing wallet to police, and another person later found it, empty and discarded, in an airport bathroom.

Officers were able to identify the Ramadan with the help of the surveillance camera footage. They then tracked him to his plane, which he had already boarded. They arrested him there. He was booked into the Ada County Jail and is scheduled to appear in court Monday, according to the jail’s website.

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  1. low-life scum like this should be banned from flying ever again.