Wednesday, December 12, 2018

Aviation headsets, liquor, pink pistol, marijuana, and more

LAWTON (KFDX/KJTL) - An Altus couple is behind bars after police officers said they stole merchandise from Walmart and burglarized a home just west of Lawton.

Officers said they believe Rapheal Bagley, 27, and Sabrina Revilla, 19, broke into a home Sunday morning and stole a pink, .22 caliber handgun and a home computer.

Police officers then said Monday afternoon they received a call about a man at  Ridgecrest Apartments with that pink handgun.

Authorities said they later found Bagley hiding in a closet inside an apartment there.

While in custody, investigators said Bagley admitted to the home burglary and also confessed to stealing two televisions from Walmart while his girlfriend, Sabrina Revilla, waited in the car.

Police said they later recovered the stolen .22 caliber handgun, a bottle of liquor and aviation headphones taken in the burglary.

Altus police said they also found 6 ounces of marijuana.

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